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Wikis move over Gdocs is here
May 10th, 2012

I’m not a professed Google fan, but I’ll have to say their products are pretty damn good tools that solve large problems for me in my day to day life. Not every one of their products are great, but the ones I do use, well I love.
I’ve used both mediaWiki and GoogleDocs to collaborate and manage documentation on a project and work related and I have to say that GoogleDocs wins out. Here are the reasons why:

1. I don’t have to learn WIKI Markup. GDocs uses the familiar metaphor of a wordprocessor.
2. I was always confused about how to create a new page, and then how to find it. Now I just create a new spreadsheet.
4. Revisions Tab!!!! AND RSS to it!!! woo hoo
5. Best of all, the links are managed by Google and not me. Meaning if I want to send out a message that a doc has been updated, then I dont’ have to remember where or what it was, I can just re-send the doc.
Give it whirl. I know we all think Google is evil, but GDocs is pretty damn good.

Tech Event in L.A.
May 8th, 2012

Coming from New Orleans I never get used to how different the normal places I visit really are. My husband and I are both lawyers in the maritime area of law. My legal team assists injured maritime workers get back on their feet. This is a very local job – I know the New Orleans waterfront as well as anyone and feel at home here. Everytime I visit LA, two things strike me about it:

1. People are just much better looking than the Bay Area (sorry it’s true.. they looked like they just walked out of The O.C.) Now there may be reasons for this that relate to availability of better resources, but given the internet age, stores like Revlon wigs online are no longer limited by geographical location. I am especially critical of hair, hence my focus on it, whether real or synthetic, and the contribution to one’s overall appearance is greatly influenced by a gorgeous wig. Of course the best wigs look so natural, no one, including me, should notice that it’s a wig. But it’s not just the hair. I have to say that the good looks seem to be genetic, rather than fashion based. Am I crazy?

2. People are just a lot less techy than in the Bay Area ( RS wha?). This an assumption based on the people I’ve met. Perhaps they are more into other facets of life, but it seems to me that if you live in the age of technology, it is in your best interest to become more knowledgeable about those matters that impact your life on a daily basis. LA has a lot of Luddites – much more so that SF, imo.

My former director, Mike Macadaan is holding a tech event in L.A. this Wednesday. So if your are in the L.A. Area looking for some geekery you should stop on by. Besides Santa Monica is a just a great place to check out … near the beach, good restaurants and bars!

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