About Meeee

About Meeee

What’s in a name? The blog name is because I like to monkey around with notions … or some people might read this blog and think that they are notions from a monkey  . Take a read and decide. I used to have another blog on Blogger called Smartnotions, but that was too lofty of a goal to attain.

*Please note that ideas and writings expressed on this blog are not a reflection, endorsed, or unendorsed by my current employer, or past employers (AOL, Accenture).*

Fortune Cookie Fun
May 31st, 2007

Photo Credit: Flickr, ukslim1. Element of Surprise – What kind of fortune am I going to get?
2. Tasty – It just tastes good!
3. Resourcefulness – You can eat the shell of the fortune, and save the fortune for when you’re having a bad day.

For all those building web products, I think we can learn a thing or two from our experiences with the fortune cookie. How can we build elements of surprise? How can we recirculate and re-use what we already have? How can we delight our users? Above all, how can we make it a tasty experience?

On the subject of fortunes there is the subject of luck! Many of you that know me personally are aware of my long held search for forest hills homes for sale and guess what.. I was able to finally secure a deal! A wonderful 2 family home in my dream neighborhood. So happy!!

Smithsonian Altered Photo Contest
May 15th, 2007
Cindy Li, a great photographer, is in the Smithsonian Altered Photo Contest. Click here to vote.

Stick shifts and safety belts
Cindy Li
Reston, VA
WARNING: Terrible UI to vote… You will need to log into the forum and a link for “4th Annual Photo Contest – “Altered” Finalists” will appear above the post a new topic and new reply buttons. Click that link and vote with the radio buttons.

The Wave acknowledges you are there, and says “hey I’m sorry” or “thanks so much”. For a long time, as long as people did not touch the paint on my car and there were no accidents, I would stay relatively calm…that was until I moved to the Bay Area… where no one does The Wave.

I found my blood pressure rise and noticed what it’s like to be angry on the road. It’s not that So. Cal drivers are worse drivers, in fact I’d argue they are just as bad if not worse, the difference is how they treated other people when typical uncouth actions occurred. How you react can make a difference in the whole world. And how you choose to express yourself thru your fashion statements can effect your out look on life and how others perceive you and your location

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