My Video Blog

My Video Blog
This page is dedicated to the videos I’ve done. Here are all the videos that I’ve done. Most of them have been done at Geek Events around the Silicon Valley.

Women 2.0 BBQ
June 1st, 2007

Well I took some video footage and wanted to share a little taste as to what the events are like. The beginning question didn’t turn out too great but it reads “What happens when tech entrepreneurial women get together?” And what a loaded question that is. Who knows the answer, certainly not me, even though I took the footage and spoke with the women, I’m still slightly confused as to the meaning of it all beyond entertainment.

A big thank you to Angie, Annie, Shivani (altho I missed you there!), Shaherose and Wen-Wen in their princess dresses. David wanted so badly to be the Prince of Darkness and the escort for all the princesses in the group, but he got the flu and was not able to attend. But I can assure you that this did not dis-way any of the royalty from having fun. Did I mention that the princesses were all dressed in white? Looked a little like tiny brides…

Lunch 2.0 at Netgear Video
June 1st, 2007

Updated 06/02: Cleaned up some of the writing.
It’s summertime, that means the number of geek events rises, just due to good weather! I dusted off my videocam and took some footage at Netgear’s Lunch 2.0. It’s become a lot bigger since we got into the SFChron (feel free to dig it!). Lots more people, meaning lots more geeks, so I feel much more at home here. Gotta be careful not to feel too comfortable though, or I’ll forget that I’m holding the camera and spend my time chatting with my brethren. Oh, well, that’s really why I’m here. Wait a minute, that’s all wrong. The reason I’m here is to take videos so I can record their existence on my blog. OMG, I think I’m losing it sometimes. Fortunately, it doesn’t show in the footage – at least I don’t think so.

Well here’s the video. This time there was no talking, just music. Kinda my preferred style, if you ask me. And even if you don’t, I’m much more liking it for the groove. Somehow the pictures seem more relevant or juicy or both. And I had a blast assembling the takes – editing is always such a pleasure. I think I could spend all my time cutting a pasting scenes to music. The more exciting editing is towards the end. There were other video cams there doing live interviews along with Podtech.

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Please feel free to leave comments about my work, my writing or just about me, since this is really all about me. I know I sound like an egoist, but that’s because I am exactly that as you might have now guessed. Hoping you won’t hold it against me, and that you can still enjoy my work in spite of the ego centric nature of my posts. If this were your blog, I’m sure you would feel the same way.

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